This plan is best suited for vehicles where the original factory warranty is about to expire or has already expired.
      Cover for all passenger and utility vehicles with less than 300 000km and less than 15 years of age.

      What is a Warranty?

      A warranty is an insurance product which covers the cost of repair or replacement of specific components from mechanical or electrical failure.

      Benefits of a Mechanical Warranty

      • Peace of mind
      • Easy monthly payment
      • Qualified technicians
      • RMI approved workshop

      Additional Benefits Included

      • Stripe & Quote
      • Oils & Consumables
      • Maintenance Benefits
      • Roadside Assistance Towing
      • Car Hire
      • Overnight Accommodation
      • Additional Call Out Services

      What will the Warranty Policy Cover?

      These are just some of the components you will be covered for. Get a quick online quote now to see what you are covered for, or get us to call you with all the details!

      • Engine
      • Diļ¬€erential
      • Turbo Assembly
      • Wheel Bearings
      • Gearbox
      • Transfer Box
      • Suspension
      • Clutch & MORE!